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How does ZERO work?

What makes ZERO Agents different from other real estate agents?

Where is ZERO operating now?

About ZERO

How does ZERO work?

ZERO is a full-service brokerage that uses modern technology and data to help you move into your dream home.

Your ZERO Agent does everything a stellar traditional agent would do, AND they have a super power: a team of data scientists and concierge specialists behind them, helping you every step of the way. This ensures we find the perfect home for our clients - every time.

What makes ZERO Agents different from other real estate agents?

ZERO Agents recognize that home buying is way too hard, and they're passionate about injecting transparency, technology and data into the process to give more power and control to our clients. ZERO Agents are experienced, highly rated, and top-performing professionals dedicated to finding our clients the right home - at the right price.

ZERO also offers a convenient, streamlined buying process. Each ZERO Agent is supported by a data scientist who is constantly sniffing out data on the homes you’re interested in. You’ll have the best experience, from searching to offering, to closing.

Where is ZERO operating now?

ZERO currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Seattle Area, Dallas Fort Worth and Greater Austin Area. Coming soon to Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Columbus areas.

If you want ZERO in another city, let us know at


What are Insider Home Alerts by ZERO and how do they work?

Insider alerts give you a limited-time chance to save $1000s on a home.

It's like a flash sale for hand-picked homes. A few times per week, you'll get a ping with an Insider Alert on a home for-sale in your area. Members get a limited-time chance to claim savings on that specific home (thousands of dollars in savings).

These are members-only opportunities, but membership is free -- don’t wait to be one of the first to subscribe to these insider deals.

You can subscribe at in the SF Bay Area, Greater Seattle Area, Dallas Ft Worth and Greater Austin Area.

Do you offer financing on homes? The ability to get a 0% downpayment home?

ZERO does not offer financing on homes, but we can refer you to a list of preferred lenders in your area, who we think are great. You may have also heard of our sister product, ZeroDown, which offers a lease-to-own option — ZeroDown is building a waitlist right now, and you can sign up at

How do I learn more about ZERO Agents in my area?

Reach out to us at and we can send you more info on the best agent match for you.

What is your relationship with is our partner product - it's a lease-to-own option to help people fast-forward toward homeownership. You can join the waitlist at Our brokerage operates independently of that offering, so we work with clients who are financing their home any number of ways — from traditional loans, to the ZeroDown method. We want you to do what's best for you, and — more than anything — we want to get you into a home you love.

What kind of data does ZERO uncover about the homes I like?

We give you every single discoverable piece of data about a home. For each home, we're able to uncover hundreds of data points — often including pictures of each room, repair history, transaction history, year built, home value history, school district, and much more. Ask your ZERO Agent for additional details.

How do I get started?

Set up a time to chat with one of our ZERO Agents. and start browsing homes at

How can I book a VIP Viewing?

We'd be more than happy to help you set up a VIP Viewing - tap “See this Home” on any listing in our home search - or let your agent know which home you'd like to visit. We'll do the rest!

What is a data scientist?

Data scientists are a new breed of analytical data expert who have the technical skills to solve complex problems and mainly working in big tech.

ZERO is excited to announce we're bringing their skills to aid the Home Buying process for our users and the ZERO team is dedicated to finding you your dream home at a price you'll love.

What if I'm already working with an agent to search for a home?

If you've already committed to working with an agent to find a home, and find yourself interested in what ZERO has to offer, we understand that you might be in a bit of a pickle. Because we're a brokerage, we can't help you tour or make an offer if you're already working with another agent outside of ZERO. If you believe your agent is not delivering the value you expect, you can end your relationship with that agent and use a ZERO Agent. If you want to talk to one of our agents about this, you could book time to talk to someone.

If you signed a buyer's agency agreement, you must first inform your agent in writing of your decision. Please read that agreement carefully to ensure there are no other obligations to the agent following termination. If you're unsure about the terms of the agreement, you can call us or consult with an attorney. If you haven't signed a buyer's agency agreement, you can inform the agent of your decision in any way you like.

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